Builder Members

Homebuilder members of Atlantic Home Warranty are able to offer their customers the comfort and security in knowing that their home will be well protected by the best warranty service in Atlantic Canada – complete with a third-party warranty to back their work.

Benefits Include:

  • To help maintain the quality of the homes you build, training courses are provided through the AHW main office and are available at various dates and times. See our training page for more info.
  • Home Warranty Protection helps increase the selling features of your home.
  • As a qualified member of the warranty program, it may assist in securing mortgage insurance.
  • Recognition in our builder members directory, promoted through various sources.
  • During the first year of the warranty, if both you and the Homeowner can not agree on the conditions surrounding defects in the home that are outlined in the warranty package, AHW offers a conciliation service, and will get involved as an unbiased mediator.
  • AHW offers free informative and promotional brochures in both French and English to help promote your company as a Warranty Member. As well, AHW has real estate signs, window decals, logo sheets for your business cards, advertisements and more available to all Members.

Not a member?

Interested in adding this credibility to your company? Learn more about how to become an Atlantic Home Warranty Program member by reading our Member Process information.

If you’re ready to take the next step, you can begin the process online from our Become a Member page.

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