Home Enrollment

Form Downloads

Please fill out a unit enrollment form for each eligible home constructed.  See here for eligibility requirements.  Download the enrollment form here in MS Word Format or PDF Format.

Enrollment Fees

7-Year Warranty:  Regular Member: $415.00   Probationary Member: $560.00
All prices are plus HST 

Site Validation for footings on compact fill

In order to ensure that a lot is suitable for construction of a residential dwelling, Atlantic Home Warranty requires that an Engineer validate the sub-surface condition of any lot where compacted fill was used. An Engineer’s Site Validation Form (download here) must be completed with the appropriate written report accompanying the Unit Enrollment Form.

Atlantic Home Warranty will not process any Unit Enrollments on compacted fill until it receives the completed documents.


When calling for an inspection, prior backfill, prior drywall or final inspection, make sure you have the following completed to avoid a re-inspection:

Prior Backfill
1. Foundation to be damp proofed
2. Drain tile installed
3. 6″ crushed stone, top and sides of drain tile
4. Any other items required before approval to backfill

Prior drywall
1. Insulation installed
2. Vapour barrier installed
3. Unit ready for drywall

Final Inspection
Approximately 90 – 95% complete

Contact the AHW office to request inspections. Please note that we would request 24-48 hours notice for inspection requests.

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