Membership Process

To become a Member of AHW, each new applicant should contact the AHW office for an application kit or download the required forms from below and provide the following information:


  1. Refer to the Builder Registration Checklist – Download
  2. Completed Application Form for Registration – Download
  3. Completed Agreement with Builder – Download
  4. Bank Information form & Personal Net Worth Statement – Download Bank Information Form         Download Net Worth Form
  5. Personal Guarantee – Download
  6. Non-Spousal Declaration Form (if applicable) – Download
  7. Fees ($700.00 plus HST)
  8. Written references from Homeowners and suppliers or other information and documents which may be required to assist the applicant to qualify for registration. – Download
  9. A letter of good standing with the Workers Compensation (if applicable)
  10. Proof or evidence of liability insurance for a minimum $1,000,000


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