Membership Process

To become a Member of AHW, each new applicant should contact the AHW office for an application kit or download the required forms from below and provide the following information:


  1. Refer to the Builder Registration Checklist – Download
  2. Completed Application Form for Registration – Download
  3. Completed Agreement with Builder – Download
  4. Bank Information form & Personal Net Worth Statement – Download Bank Information Form         Download Net Worth Form
  5. Personal Guarantee – Download
  6. Non-Spousal Declaration Form (if applicable) – Download
  7. Fees ($700.00 plus HST)
  8. Written references from Homeowners and suppliers or other information and documents which may be required to assist the applicant to qualify for registration. – Download
  9. A letter of good standing with the Workers Compensation (if applicable)
  10. Proof or evidence of liability insurance for a minimum $1,000,000

Probationary Period

Upon acceptance into Atlantic Home Warranty, each new Member must go through a probationary period before earning the status of a Regular Member. The period, which lasts a minimum of one year, is only complete once the Member meets the following conditions.

  1. The minimum one year probationary period has expired.
  2. The applicant has received their annual review.
  3. A satisfactory track record has been established with AHW (The applicant must have constructed a minimum of three units now currently occupied, for the duration of the one year Builder warranty).
  4. No conciliation/arbitration is in progress.
  5. Any material condition or limitation present on application, is removed or no longer exists and no unsatisfactory information, of a material nature, has come to the attention of AHW.
  6. AHW has received satisfactory inspection reports of Code compliance from a person authorized by AHW to carry out such inspections on at least three units enrolled with AHW.
  7. Proof or evidence that the current education requirements have been met:
    • The AHW Administrative Workshop
    • The Atlantic Builder Workshop Series
    • The National Building Code-Part 9 Workshop

Regular Member Status

After successfully completing your probationary period with all the requirements attached to that status, you now find yourself as a Regular Member!

Also note that when the minimum number of houses have been inspected during the probationary period, the Builder is then put on a monitoring inspection program whereby the homes are inspected on a random basis (approximately 1 in 5).

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