Information for the Homeowner

What is your role as the owner of a new home?

Many homebuyers struggle with the decision to either hire a contractor, or take on the construction of the home themselves. However, there are many facts and questions you should consider before diving head first into your final decision. Most importantly, do you have the precise technical training to oversee the development of the biggest investment you’ll ever make?

If you are considering subcontracting your new home yourself, we have comprised several important questions you should carefully consider before heading to the construction site. Please take the time to review them here.

In the event a homebuyer chooses to hire a Member with Atlantic Home Warranty, peace of mind can be automatically gained from the day a deposit is made. Under the guidelines offered with AHW, homebuyers have the assurance of a third party home-warranty protecting their biggest investment.

Please insure that you take the time to review all the warranty documents provided to you by AHW. For more information about how the Atlantic New Home Warranty helps protect your investment, please click here.

As a Homeowner, you should be aware that your home will require maintenance on your part to help protect your investment. For your convenience, click here for tips on maintaining your home by keeping it in perfect condition.

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