Atlantic Home Warranty Program
Customer Choice Awards

AHW_CCA_logo_BrandingThe Customer Choice Award is awarded to Atlantic Home Warranty Members annually in each Atlantic Canadian province.

As a direct result of surveys and opinions submitted by homeowners, it is a reflection of their dedication to upholding the standards, customer service and quality construction as promoted by AHW, The Canadian and Provincial Home Builders’ Associations and the government building codes.

First introduced to Atlantic Canada in 2004, it has grown in popularity and importance to our Members. Each year we invite eligible Members to participate in this voluntary contest. Those that accept our invitation have surveys sent to their homeowners who took possession of their new home within the designated time frame.

The survey consists of 26 questions that deal with the homeowners’ experience with their Builder in all aspects of the purchase of their new home. This includes the Builders’ sales staff or their realtor, office and construction staff, as well as the Builders’ after sales service. The last question on the survey asks the homeowner if they will recommend their Builder to their family and friends who are thinking of purchasing a new home.

The results are tabulated and each Builder is provided their confidential results by individual question and total score. A provincial average is also calculated for each question so that Members are able to compare their results to that benchmark.

This information is valuable for each Member, as it allows them to compare their results with their peers and provides important information about what they are doing well, or where they may need to improve their services.

Our Builders tell us that this survey is extremely important to them as the results are from their customers, says Pat Mulcahy, CEO of Atlantic Home Warranty. Recognition of a job well done by your clients is invaluable and our Awards are based solely on the input from the homeowners. Winning is obviously the objective, but the information that our Members get from their clients on their performance represents real value that the Builder can use to make improvements with their business.

Customer Choice Award Winners

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