What is a New Home Warranty?

Buying a new home is one of the single, biggest investments you will ever make. Protecting that investment is the next step to comfortable and secure living. We have warranties on our cars, stereos and even minor kitchen appliances.

However, for the biggest investment, few of us bother to find out if we are protected.  Atlantic Home Warranty, a not for profit company of Atlantic home builders, was established in 1976 to supply this peace of mind.

Is My Home Eligible?

Be sure to check with Atlantic Home Warranty to find out if your construction company is in fact a Registered Member with the Atlantic Home Warranty Program. See a complete list of registered members.

What types of homes are covered?

The warranty covers single detached and semi-detached homes, townhouses, row-houses, condominiums, duplexes and manufactured homes.These units must be constructed by a Registered Member of Atlantic Home Warranty.

How long is my House Protected?

Atlantic Home Warranty Members offer their clients a 7-year limited home warranty.

Is my deposit protected?

This optional coverage is available to the homeowner only through our Members. To qualify for the coverage, your deposit must be paid directly to your Builder, who will request the Deposit Protection Certificate at the time your home is enrolled.  AHW will provide the Builder with a copy of the Certificate that verifies the amount of the deposit. This certificate provides coverage due to bankruptcy, insolvency or fraud on the part of the Builder.

When will Coverage Begin?

When your new home is built and ready for occupancy, you and your Builder will complete, sign and date a Certificate of Possession (COP). This document verifies the date you took possession of your home, which is the effective date of the warranty. Upon AHW receiving a signed copy of the Certificate of Possession, you will then be issued a 7-Year Warranty Certificate.*

What if I buy or sell My Home?

A warranty from the Atlantic Home Warranty is automatically transferable and increases the value of your home. The warranty stays with the house, not the owner.

What is NOT covered by my warranty?

Like any contract, there are limitations to the coverage. Some of the exclusions are**:

  • defects in materials, appliances, design and workmanship supplied by the homeowner, and any resultant damage caused to the home therefrom;
  • defects resulting from improper maintenance by the homeowner, including damage caused by dampness or condensation due to the failure of the homeowner to maintain heat and/or adeq1uate ventilation;
  • detached patios, detached garages and driveways;
  • well and septic systems; and
  • landscaping

**Please contact AHW for complete details on the warranty coverage.

*The Warranty is subject to the builder and purchaser signing the COP and forwarding the appropriate copy to Atlantic Home Warranty.

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