For the balance of the warranty which is years 2-7 or 10, the warranty coverage protects the homeowner against major structural defects.

The term major structural defect means there has been a failure of a load bearing portion of the home.  This is why we insist on our builders being responsible for all of the structural components as outlined earlier.  Examples of major structural defects are failure of

  • Roof rafters and trusses
  • Ceiling and floor joists
  • Load bearing partitions and walls
  • Foundation walls

If a major structural defect should occur, our experienced staff will visit your home to conduct an inspection. If it is apparent you have experienced an MSD, we will make arrangements for repairs.

If an engineer has to be retained to determine the extent of your damage, this cost is paid by AHW with no cost to you, the homeowner;

Remember, coverage is limited to $50,000.00 but engineering costs are paid over and above the coverage limit and can be very expensive – a cost homeowners would not want to incur;