Membership Application

In order to apply to become a builder with Atlantic Home Warranty, please click on each of the links and complete, as listed.

For the information/forms that must be printed, filled out and signed, please return them to once completed.

Forms to be submitted online:

  1. Builder Registration Checklist
  2. Application Form for Registration
  3. References - Homeowners and Trades/Suppliers to be contacted by Atlantic Home Warranty, and documents that may assist the applicant to qualitfy .

Forms to be printed, filled out and resent to

  1. Agreement with Builder 
  2. Bank Information form
  3. Personal Net Worth Statement

Other items that need to be submitted along with forms to : 

  1. A letter of good standing with the Workers Compensation (if applicable)
  2. Proof or evidence of liability insurance for a minimum $2,000,000
  3. Fees ($700.00 plus HST) 

For the French version of the Membership application, please contact Jenn Howard via email at