Building Your Dream Home

Your builder wants nothing more than to deliver your dream home but remember that the builder/purchaser relationship is a two-way street. As such, you play a role in making sure you can communicate freely and with ease with your builder throughout every step of the construction process.

To help build a relationship with your builder, we recommend starting with the following items:

  • Ask your builder to confirm that they are a registered member with Atlantic Home Warranty.
  • Ask for confirmation that your home is registered and will be eligible for warranty once completed.
  • Ask your builder for references before making any commitments.
  • Request a contract be put in place with your builder. This will eliminate potential problems in the future regarding construction or payment schedules and other items.
  • Ask to see all the stipulations of the agreement in writing. Yes, you should be able to rely on a handshake; but things happen.
  • Ask what happens to the warranty if you terminate the contract before the construction is completed.
  • Remember that getting in touch with your builder can be difficult on the best of days. They want to keep the lines of communication open as much as you do. Give them time to get back to you.
  • The sooner you start communicating with your builder on key items, the sooner you can be made aware of issues that may arise and be able to deal with them accordingly.
  • Communicate openly and clarify expectations:
  • Ask to visit your home during the construction and ask to know what is going on. Be sure to monitor your home while its being built and speak up if you have noticed something that does not sit well with you.
  • Ask your builder to arrange for a home inspection before you move into your home.