Warranty Process

The first twelve months after your date of possession are considered the Builder’s Warranty period. During this time, the builder will repair defects in materials and labour that they supplied in the construction of your home.

If a dispute should arise between the builder and the homeowner during that first year, Atlantic Home Warranty will provide a conciliation service which may be requested by the homeowner or the builder

Conciliation process and assessing damage using construction performance guidelines.

The second component of your warranty coverage is for defects that may relate to:

  • Major Structural Defects (MSD)
  • Delivery and Distribution Warranty
  • Envelope Warranty (qualified coverage)
  • Foundation Water Protection Warranty (qualified coverage)

AHW shall repair defects which are covered under the New Home Warranty Agreement apparent during the remaining warranty period specified in the agreement. Defects caused by an Act of God are not covered. For additional information regarding defect coverage, please refer to the agreement.

Before the expiry of your specific warranty period, notify AHW in writing of any defects you feel are covered per the agreement.

NOTE: Atlantic Home Warranty does not do destructive investigation, therefore, the area will need to be opened, for the inspector to determine if the defect will qualify.

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